About us

The company Demotec was founded in 1986. Mr. Siegfried Demel is the founder. Meanwhile he has given the company to his son, Alexander Demel. Unchanged is our primary target: consumer satisfaction. All company's activities are subordinated to this goal. Our corporate logo with the "intelligent problem solving" reveals the content of our philosophy.

During the past years the main activities were concentrated on two corporate sectors. In our main sector, the veterinary medicine, Demotec has achieved a leading position in systems for bovine hoof treatment - worldwide.

This success is caused by offering a complete product range that guarantees ideal solutions for problems in treatment of lameness especially on dairy cows - referring to the customer needs. It is our challenge to offer products - that are very easy to handle - in a high quality at an reasonable price. That our products are always found in leading positions in independent surveys ensures our philosophy.

If the products for claw treatment are used in due the benefit for the consumer is enormous. If an ill claw stays untreated, the lactation yield brakes down immediately. As soon as the ill claw is treated properly, the lactation yield comes back nearly to the level of a healthy cow. If you spend 10 € for products to treat a lameness you earn/have less costs of more than 300 €. Beside the healing of the animal an important economical effect.

For the second corporate sector we offer fast curing special resins for material testing. We offer a various product range of cold embedding resins and accessories that present the optimal solution - even for special customer needs. (further information concerning material testing in german language).

With the development of new, innovative products and forced public relations we want to take care that our customers are provided well with the important information and that they can decide for the optimal solution in a wide product range. Therefore we are in a permanent dialogue with customers, veterinarians and hoof trimmers to optimize our products.

Investments with regard to the future in the main sectors of our company facilitate growth in the future - with growth rates above average. Then, the co-operation is worth for all our customers and partners.